Hub / PDI center

  • Connect several roof tops to your hub
  • Owning roof top has insight into prep process at the hub
  • Measure efficiency at hub vs roof top prep process

External prep process

If you have external hubs that performs the preparation process for used cars or PDI/PDS for new cars, this module will suit you needs. This module enables a site to manage cars which originates from other roof tops. Roof tops have insight to the ongoing preparation process to see when they will be ready at the forecourt. You have insight of the cars at the owning roof top as well as the inventory sitting at the hub.

Recall inventory to roof tops

Carcare will keep track of which inventory that is sitting on site and which cars that is located at the hub, even though the hub does not financially own any cars in the DMS. You can recall the cars back to the roof top at any time and with our transport integration support you can even get full insight in the pickup and drop-off at each location.

Used and new cars

The same hub can manage both used cars preparation process as well as new cars PDI/PDS process. This is an efficient way of streamlining workflows throughout your dealer group.