Used cars

Increase stockturn with automated monitoring

  • Matches your preparation process
  • Rules ensure that your prep process is maintained
  • Data analysis and automation speed up your business

Full control over each used car

Never loose track of a car again. With Carcare you will move from guessing to knowing how long each step in your prep process takes. The right people will be notified if there is any hickup in the process and you always have a full holistic view of what is about to arrive at the forecourt. This means lowered leadtimes and better communication between sales and service market.

Match process to car

You can tailor specific processes for different types of cars i.e. trade-in cars, off-lease cars, wholesale cars. This way each car will have as an efficient process as possible. No matter what your process looks like to handle used cars, Carcare will match it, measure it and make it more efficient.

Get notified right away!

Each car’s process is monitored and if anything deviates, the right person will be contacted to catch that car. If no action is taken by that person or department the car will be escalated. Since all cars are DMS-synchronized, you do not risk losing track of cars. The timer always ticks and you can then see where the bottlenecks are.

Statistics - Dealer group level down to each vehicle

Statistics in our used module show every step from purchase to delivered car. Sales executives, floor managers, service department, where are the bottlenecks. The entire lifetime in the DMS is measured in detail. You also have the opportunity to compare different time periods, different groups of cars and roof top vs roof top.