Why Carcare?

Carcare reduces stock days and increase stock turn

With Carcare, used cars are put in order faster – and sold faster. It gives you full control of every car in inventory and since it is synced to your DMS you will never miss a car.

Let us explain how Carcare works.

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Bilbolaget with 13 rooftops in Sweden cut their prep process by 50%

Bilbolaget, a Swedish dealer group with 13 rooftops have been running Carcare for two years and cut their preparation process in half. An exciting and profitable job which turned out to make millions.

Bilbolaget was one of the early customers in the Carcare platform. The purpose of the partnership was to reduce leadtimes and identify bottlenecks to put efforts in the right place.

Only at the one facility in Östersund, Sweden we made £100 000 better profit for used cars in the first quarter compared to the same period the previous year. We cut leadtimes for the prep process by 50%, Daniel Eriksson, business developer says.

Having control over all the cars in stock is something that Daniel wants to highlight as a very important part for the used business to be profitable.

Bilbolaget today has this control and Carcare plays an important role. By Carcare’s process tools monitoring all moments and the flow of cars, they have achieved a much better quality throughout the business. If any deviation should occur, for example if a sales executive has traded in a car, but has not sent it on to the service team in time, the system automatically sends out a reminder. First to the sales executive and then on to the right person in other levels if necessary. The same applies if, for example, a car has been at the repair shop or with an external supplier for too long. All so that possible deviations and bottlenecks are picked up at an early stage.

Daniel explains:

Previously, we had an idea of how long it took to recon a car, but we couldn’t know exactly. With Carcare, we can see exactly how long it takes, which has helped both us and the Accounting department. They can also see how many cars are on the way and in this way they can plan their work more efficiently.

From 21.1 days down to 6.6 days


The planning for incoming cars is also a very important part for the used business to be profitable. Here, Bilbolaget in Östersund has done a solid job, among other things by planning damage inspections at an early stage for cars that are not yet at the facility. The outcome of this work is clearly visible when Daniel shows the statistics in Carcare.

Bodyshop has reduced its lead time from 21.1 days down to 6.6 days on average. During the same comparison period, Bilbolaget has also increased the stockturn rate by 76 percent.

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