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  • Each car is monitored through the prep process
  • Easily identifying bottlenecks
  • Automated triggers
  • Warnings notifies the right people at the right time

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With Carcare, cars are put through the prep process faster. At the same time, you get full control of which cars are easily sold and difficult sold, which further increases the profitability of your car dealership.

You will save £52 083 a month.

£625 000 in annual savings.

We’re confident you’ll be able to reduce your stock days by at least 5 days within the first year. Unlock to change the days saved.

Used cars

Carcare is an automated workflow tool which sits on top of your current system setup. It will monitor each car automatically and identify deviating cars and alert those. Carcare is syncronized to your DMS for accurate statistics and will make your preparation process more efficient.

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New cars

The new car module will automate your new car process. With integration to OEM, DMS and transporters Carcare will streamline your new car process and notify the right person at the right time, when it is time to prepare for arrivate, book delivery etc. If you’re a multi-franchise group the process will be streamlined between different brands and/or sales models (traditional vs agent).

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Carcare monitors over 200 000 cars annually and our customers have clearly cut their stock days with up to 35%.


Nowadays we have full control from day one on where the vehicle is in the service chain as well as any possible measures that may be needed

Peter Möllhagen, Berners


With the help of Carcare we get a better look at the cars from start to finish. With the whole used flow in Carcare we miss nothing!

Niklas Mårtensson, Motorcentralen


Carcare is a perfect system, cloud-based, super-easy to get started with and exactly what you need.

Christoffer Bülow, Möller Bil

Hundreds of roof tops are already using Carcare in the Nordics. All Carcare affiliated car dealers reduced the number of stock days, some by as much as 35 percent.

Carcare is constantly evolving and with the current macro trend it is more important than ever to oversee costs to uphold profitability in a sustainable manner. With a automotive landscape rapidly changing with agent sales model, higher interest rates and a consolidating market it is time to gain control over workflows and cost. At Carcare, we work tirelessly to develop and simplify the processes of car dealers with the ambition to increase profitability in the entire car industry.

Want to see everything Carcare can do? Look over our modules for used cars, new cars and hub / pdi centers or book a demo and we will show you. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.