Carcare Ranking 2024

Season 1 is done!

The first season of Carcare Ranking has closed. We have had a fantastic time following all units throughout this spring – watching all improvements made. We hope you’ve had just as much fun following your own progress.

But now it’s time to reset and get ready for next season.

What does this mean?

This means we are now starting over again – meaning that the scores you’ve collected during the past season will be reset to the level you are. You won’t be starting from scratch – but all facilities will be reset to the baseline of the level they reached during the previous season.

How to use Carcare Ranking

Carcare Ranking gives you an image of how you as a group or facility measure up to other facilities – nationally and globally. This means you can use the ranking as a measure on how good you are in your used car process.

Over time you will be able to see industry specific trends when it comes to lead times, which means it will be possible to see what is seasonal or trend related – and what boils down to your specific facility.

Many also sees the ranking as an incentive for improvement. By seeing how the entire industry delivers you get an idea of what is good, and not so good, when it comes to optimizing lead times. Knowledge is power, so to speak, and by having this knowledge means you know how you stack up right now – and what is possible to achieve.

Stay tuned for more industry related statistics from season 1!

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