New and Improved Statistics

Elevating Your Stats for Better Business Decisions

Comprehensive Analytics for Car Dealers

At the core of every successful business decision is accurate, actionable data. Understanding lead times and performance metrics can make a significant difference. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our reimagined statistics, presenting your numbers in a more relevant and comprehensible way.

Key Updates and Features

The major thing that has changed in this update is the fine-tuning of our detailed statistics. Now with our updated statistics we are showing you data on the cars that have been delivered and not the ones currently in stock. This improvement will make sure that you have a focused analysis on cars delivered, hence clearer insights on your operations. But if you are interested in seeing the performance of all cars whether in stock or not, that information will still be available, clearly indicated on your dashboard.

New Metrics For Deeper Insights

Alongside improved data visualization, we are launching a new view with three brand new key performance indicators: preparation time, sales time, and delivery time. These indicators offer a complete picture of your processes from preparation to delivery. You can view these figures at the group and regional levels, down to individual facilities and unique vehicles. This level of detail helps pinpoint strengths and identify areas for development across all operational levels.

Enhanced Overview

We’re introducing a new, visually appealing look to enhance the user experience. This simplified view helps diagnose performance issues quickly. Featuring easy-to-understand graphs and illustrations, it allows you to digest important metrics and trends efficiently, making it easier than ever to monitor and improve your dealership’s performance.


With the updated Statistics we will provide you with the right information to allow relevant and strategic business decisions.

We chose to move away from the way we presented statistics previously – because we think only showing cars that are delivered will give a more accurate and fair view of how your business is doing. Relevance will be put into the statistics, new KPI introductions, and improved ways of visualizing data to support efforts in the optimization of operations driving success at your dealership.

It may be a little new for a day or two – but we think you’ll really love the update!

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