New: Updated dashboard

We're updating our dashboard!

There are multiple different needs for our different users when it comes to what they want from a dashboard. We wanted to make sure you get your needs met and so we’re launching an updated dashboard thatcan be modified and tweaked to your needs. This way different roles and departments can get the stats they need at all times without having to filter through numbers that are irrelevant to them.

Now you can choose the key numbers you want to see for yourself. We’ve even added a few new ones we think will be of value to you. For example you can now create a widget for number of vehicles on a specific station or section.

Create your own dashboards

Choose your modules by yourself by selecting key numbers or features you want to see. Maybe you’d like to compare two different rooftops, or see all vehicles that are in valet right now – well, now you can. And the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Carcare Ranking - how do you perform compared to the rest?

A while back we launched Carcare Benchmark as a means to get a feel for how your business is actually performing when it comes to lead times. Now we’re taking it to the next level by introducing Carcare Ranking – a ranking system where you can see how you are performing compared to other car dealers.

By making sure none of your tasks in Carcre is delayed or forgotten you consistently work on your lead time while you collect points. Based on how you’re doing you will qualify for our different leagues, in which you as a customer will benefit from perks and surprises.

Carcare ranking will give you an indication on your overall performance as well as what’s possible to achieve with consistent improvements.

Set your frequency

How often do you want your numbers updated? Now you can set the frequency of the updates so they suit you. Some numbers you might need to be up to date at all times – others can be updated daily. We think it should be easy to get it the way you like.

Multiple dashboards for different needs

No more compromises with the dashboards; when you need something different you just create a dashboard with that focus. You could create one for you management team, one adapted for your sales team and one that will make life easier for each specific station.

Share your dashboards with the team

Sometimes – your dashboards are for your eyes only – but on other occasions they’re a tool used by an entire team. With this new update you choose who has access to what dashboards and make life easier for your co-workers. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Get started

It’s easy to get started! Just go to your dashboard in Carcare, click on “add new widget” and choose what modules you’d like to add, and what they should contain. Then just drag and drop your created widgets so they are organized in a way you like.

We hope you enjoy it!


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